Tap or scan and GO!

Fastest way for Your customers to cross the gap from physical world to digital results
Discover a new level of communication​
Fastest way for Your customers to cross the gap from physical world to digital results!
There is no need to install mobile apps or anything. It just work.​
Easy to use
Use Your smartphone with NFC or scan QR code with the device camera.
Already used by the best
Hotel & Cafe communicator
Product designed for hospitality and tourism. Finding and ordering various services, via mobile devices without downloading a mobile app.
Increases sales, reduce and accelerates waiter’s work, multi-linguality, statistics by various features brings You smarter manager decisions and more profit.
Our solutions
Congress communicator
All material in one place changing content according to organizer requirements and user needs without using applications.​
Smart poster
A smart poster is a poster which has built-in technology allowing a reader to interact with It using a smartphone. 
Digital business card
Digital NFC/QR Code is the best sales/communication tool that the company’s employees provide a unique form of communication by business partners and potential buyers.
Loyalty cards
Solve the problem with lost and forgotten loyalty cards on Your POS places.


“In just 14 days of our Christmas campaign more than 13.000 people made tap and get reward.”



About us

We are a specialised digital company for the development and management of contactless communication solutions, specifically tailored to the digital communication market via mobile devices.

We are present on the European market, with headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia and office in Paris, France.


How to get mobile content without downloading the app? By using Tapoint platform including  NFC and QR code which allows our clients to create, deliver, manage and report in real time.


The activities we are dealing with are mobile marketing, loyalty systems, hospitality and tourism. Also, we provide know-how for business problems or ideas using NFC and QR code technology.


Feel free to contact us and let’s build something interesting and innovative or solve problems faster and cheaper together.

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